Blissful Age



Peter Jarábek

Guitar, vocals

Michal Jarábek

Bass, backing vocals

Peter Mišík


Rado Hanko



Blissful Age is a rock band from Bratislava, Slovakia. Their music is mostly influenced by punk, grunge and slightly also by other genres of rock. The group was founded in autumn 2011, when Peter (the main writing and creative force) decided to start a band and finally began to do music at full blast with no compromising. As soon as the lineup had been formed with Maxim Ramacsay (drums), Michal Taraj (guitar), Filip Rácek (bass) and Peter Jarábek (vocals and guitar) they started to work hard on their new songs. Blissful Age did their first gig on 23rd of March 2012, and they are regularly performing since then. The band played numerous live shows at various Slovak clubs and festivals.

In May 2013 they self-released their debut EP INTENSIVE AND CLEAR, which includes 4 songs: Decide, Run with You, Open Wide and Always the Same. The album title “INTENSIVE AND CLEAR” expresses, that it is very intensive, emotional and straightforward music, so typical for Blissful Age. Songs from this EP are also played on radio TLIS ( and “Open Wide” is regularly played on famous rock radio Aligator (

Later during the year 2013 the four band member lineup has narrowed to three with Michal Jarábek (bass, backing vocals), Peter Mišík (drums), and the only original member Peter Jarábek (vocals, guitar). With this new formation except playing concerts they also took part in several music competitions. In July they recorded Slovak version of their famous song “Open Wide” called “Sám za seba”. This one has got them also to the final of the traditional and well known Slovak song competition Košický Zlatý Poklad 2013, which has been their biggest achievement so far!

In autumn 2013 Blissful Age has released their new “double” single called Čas života/Time to Live. The title in two languages is not an accident, but the group decided to record this song in both Slovak (Čas života) and English language (Time to Live). They want to continue in this trend of writing Slovak and English lyrics for their songs (

Mainly Blissful Age wants to play as many gigs as possible and promote their music in Slovakia and also abroad, which is evident by their 5 concerts for the spring and summer 2014 and their appearance in Czech international band competitions Radegast Líheň 2014 and Skutečná Liga 2014.