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31. December 2015

Blissful Age in the band contest Slovenská hudobná liga!


Yeah it’s true! After a short hiatus we are back again and getting ready for our gig on February 3rd, 2016 at the Slovenská hudobná liga band contest. The place of our performance is British Rock Stars club in Bratislava. You can look forward to some of our new stuff that will be played live in front of the audience for the very first time that night.


25. October 2015

Blissful Age in the show Metro on radio Rebeca!


We´ll be a guest in the show Metro on radio Rebeca on Tuesday, October 27! Though it doesn´t look like there´s been so much going on in the band for a long time, we´ve got some really fresh news for you all. So this Tuesday at 20:00 tune in radio Rebeca or listen to the livestream!



26. January 2015

Blissful Age Unplugged

BA_Hlava22_08 - novinky (cropped)

We are about to perform for the first time as an acoustic duo to support introducing of the new album by Martin Bohem at culture club in Galanta. During our half an hour performance we will play all from our best material in unplugged arrangements.

19. October 2014

Blissful Age in the playoffs of the international band competition Skutečná liga 2014!

banner Skutecná liga 2014 (slide)

This Sunday on the 26th October will Blissful Age perform in the playoffs of the international band competition Skutečná liga 2014, which takes place in Prague. It is now for the second time the band will play in the capital city of the Czech republic. As the only group coming from Bratislava we will try to present our songs the best way possible and we strongly believe that also thanks to your support we will manage to make it to the semifinals.

18. August 2014

“New single Stále to isté”!!!

Blissful Age - stále to isté (novinky)

Check out our brand new record from the studio, song “Stále to isté”, a slovak version of the track Always The Same, which has once again increased the number of our “dual langue” songs.



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